About us



University West, Center on Salutogenesis, Department of Health Sciences,  Gustava Mellinsgt. 2, SE-46186 Trollhättan, Sweden


Center on Salutogenesis   



-      locally strengthen the salutogenic platform for the health promotive work and teaching at University West

-      increase knowledge of health through research in salutogenes

-      increase the understanding of health from a resource perspective in the meeting with the surrounding local community and the collaborative partners of University West

-     serve as an international center focusing on systematical research synthesis in salutogenes

-    work for the University West to meet the criteria for becoming a health promoting university under the current criteria (WHO) and to be a part of the international network of health promoting universities 


-     initiate new research projects and to collect existing research in salutogenesis

-     spread knowledge on salutogenesis through education for students, staff and the surrounding community

-     create and maintain contacts with various international research networks to gather and spread new knowledge in the salutogenic research

-     contribute to the development of local, regional and national health managements based on salutogenic grounds

-    promote interaction through active efforts to strengthen existing networks, but also initiate
and develop new networks for health and wellbeing in different settings.


For more information please contact:

Monica Eriksson, Director of Center on Salutogenesis
Phone: +46 520 38 61                                                                                                Mail:monica.eriksson@hv.se