Salutogenesis - an asset approach



This is a research web database integrating the Salutogenesis (the origin of health) and health promotion research and practice.

Salutogenesis is an asset approach where the focus is on resourses for health and well-being, that is the good life. There are many theories, principles and constructs under the salutogenic umbrella. The concept of salutogenesis, first coined by Aaron Antonovsky, meaning the origin of health. Sense of coherence is one of the key concepts. However, salutogenesis is a much broader approach than only focusing on the sense of coherence. Känsla av sammanhang är ett centralt begrepp.

“Life promotion is the process of enabling individuals, groups or societies to increase control over, and to improve their physical, mental, social and spiritual health. This could be reached by creating environments and societies characterized of clear structures and empowering environments where people see themselves as active participating subjects who are able to identify their internal and external resources, use and reuse them to realize aspirations, to satisfy needs, to perceive meaningfulness and to change or cope with the environment in a health promoting manner.” (J Epidemiol Community Health 2007;61(11):938-944)


The aims of this website is
  • to produce continuous systematic analytical updates on global research on the Salutogenesis in order to support research and development on the salutogenic framework
  • to developing the scientific salutogenic base for public health and health promotion practice and intervention


About the Database
An ongoing systematic and analytical research synthesis on the salutogenic research is running by Folkhälsan Research Centre, Health Promotion Research. The evidence base is the review protocols of studies using the SOC questionnaire or using the salutogenic approach in the study design. See The Database. The study is systematic in the sense that all included papers
have been critically examined according to a defined set of criteria.