IUHPE Global Working Group on Salutogenesis (GWG-SAL)

The Global Working group on Salutogenesis is one of IUHPEs four global working groups each dealing with issues central to the global health promotion development. The Folkhälsan Research Centre, Health Promotion Research Team, is coordinating the IUHPE Global Working Group on Salutogenesis since the IUHPE World Conference in Vancouver June 2007.

The first concrete activity was an International Research Seminar on Salutogenesis addressing the central themes arranged at Folkhälsan in Helsinki Finland 12-13 May 2008 and prior to that a PhD cource 5-9 May 2008. A first Newsletter has been published in 2007 and the second Newsletter in 2009.

The second activity was the 2nd International Research Seiminar on Salutogenesis at Folkhälsan in Helsinki, Finland 14th-16th May, 2009. The main theme for the seminar is mental health promotion and the connection with salutogenesis.

The 3rd International Research Seminar on Salutogenesis : Exploring the SOCdeterminants for health was held in Geneva, July 11th, closely to the 20th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promoton.   See the programme. Within the World Conference a Sub Plenary: Change – Yes we Can: The Evidence base of the salutogenesis for Health Promotion and two workshops Building a salutogenic action model for Health Promotion and Workplace and Salutogenesis, were arranged.

The 4th International Research Seminar on Salutogenesis: Adolescent Health and Quality of Life: Age and gender specific research, May 30-31, 2011, was held in Trollhättan Sweden. For detailed information about the programme and the presentations, see Salutogenesis, 4th International Research Seminar.

The 5th International Research Seminar on Salutogenesis was held at University of Trondheim, NTNU, Center for Health Promotion and Resources, Trondheim, Norway, in conjunction with an International Forum for Health Promotion Research, August 6-9, 2012.  

For more detailed information, please see Salutogenesis/Research Seminars.