The Interuniversity College for Health and Development Graz / Castle of Seggau

Since 2000 and 2004, respectively, the College has run two courses, an MSc Complementary & Psychosocial Health Sciences and an MSc Child Development and Health. Both Master programmes were accredited in accordance with the Austrian Law on University Studies ( 27-28) (most recent re-accreditation 2009). In 2007, an extention of the College was founded in Switzerland, at the premises of Paramed, Baar, which was converted into an independent Hochschule fr Gesundheit und Entwicklung according to Swiss regulations in 2009.

The book Unraveling the mystery of health is, in its original English version or in the German translation by Franke, compulsory literature for all our students, and they are made familiar with its concepts, the salutogenetic model, the SOC etc. also in additional lectures. They are also made familiar with the suggested limited possibility to change a grown ups SOC. However these limitations are a field of special interest to us.

Using the SOC scale given in the abovementioned book, in the past 12 years, the College has performed various investigations on the SOC of helping professionals (Forschung / SOC)

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Interuniversitäres Kolleg für Gesundheit und Entwicklung Graz / Schloss Seggau

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