Properties for the database

In the analysis the following dimensions have been applied:

  1. the study objective;
  2. the study designs and methods used for the analysis;
  3. the applicability and practical use of the results, and
  4. studies using interviews for gathering data and quantitative methods for the analysis are categorized as quantitative studies.

The inclusion criteria are:

  1. papers dealing with the SOC concept and/or using some of the different versions of the SOC questionnaire published in scientific peer reviewed journals;
  2. doctoral thesis;
  3. quantitative, qualitative, and intervention studies with equal weight to the method used;
  4. papers in English, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.
  5. papers with a careful description of the translation process to other languages than English;
  6. quantitative studies with an acceptable reliability and validity;
  7. publication in the time span from 1992 and further.