Research synthesis on Salutogenesis

The first step of reviewing the whole salutogenic research area was finalized by publishing "Eriksson M, Unravelling the Mystery of Salutogenesis" in 2007. This research synthesis gives the evidence base of the salutogenic research as measured by Antonovsky's Sense of Coherence (SOC) scale in 1992-2003.

The findings of the research synthesis show that

1) the SOC scale seems to be a alid, reliable and cross culturally applicable instrument for measuring health;

2) the SOC has a main, moderating and mediating effect on perceived health and quality of life;

3) the predicting capacity of the SOC is promising;

4) the salutogenic theory is a valuable approaach for public health and health promotion research and practice.


The research synthesis itself serves as an introduction to the salutogenic research framework and a handbook for the research community, published by Folkhälsan Research Centre, Health Promotion Research Programme. The book can be ordered via the author,, for 50 euros + postage.



"The dissertation makes an important contribution to the dissemination of knowledge about salutogenesis, sense of coherence and its connection to health."                   

(Maurice Mittelmark, Professor and Immediate Past President of the IUHPE, 2007.)





The analysis of additional studies 2004 and further continues. This work creates evidence for papers and lectures. A detailed review protocol is estableshed for each of the papers. The protocols are integrated in a new web data base under construction, see The Database.