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University West, Department of Nursing, Health and Culture has in 2011 established the Center on Salutogenesis. We are today responsible for the a the website We are running a systematic and analytical research synthesis on salutogenic research 1992-up to date. The website is a continuation of a former one located in Helsinki, Finland. The new website is now in Swedish and in English.

We continuously update the sites including the database (only in English). However, to build up and keep it  updated is time consuming. Therefore we invite authors of scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals to join us in this task. Please fill in a review protocol (in English) of your study in line with the presented model. Please send your review protocol to the Responsible Editor of the website, Monica Eriksson. We will thereafter put the information into the Database. This is a possibility for Authors to spread their findings to all of us interested in the field of salutogenesis. Thank you for your cooperation!


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2014 Salutogenisis and coaching: Testing a proof of concept to develop a model for practitioners  
2013 Coping and depression in old age: A literature review.
2013 Calidad de la relación entre los progenitores y sentido de coherencia en sus hijos adolescentes. El efecto de mediación de la satisfacción familiar [Quality of the relationship between parents and sense of coherence in their adolescent children. The me
2013 School context and health in adolescence: The role of sense of coherence.
2013 Sense of coherence and substance use in Spanish adolescents. Does the effect of SOC depend on patterns of substance use in their peer group?
2013 Understanding the joint effects of family and other developmental contexts on the sense of coherence(SOC): A person-focused analysis using the Classification Tree.  
2013 Developmental contexts and sense of coherence in adolescence: a systematic review
2013 Neighbourhood perceptions and sense of coherence in adolescence
2012 Using the salutogenic approach to unravel informal caregivers’ resources to health. Theory and methodology  
2012 The social environment is most important for not using snus or smoking among adolescents  
2012 Sense of coherence and its connections with BMI and weight-related beliefs and attitudes
2012 Analysis of the importance of family in the development of sense of coherence during adolescence
2011 The association between low-socioeconomic status mother's Sense of Coherence and their child's utilization of dental care
2011 Will they stay fit and healthy? A three-year follow-up evaluation of a physical activity and health intervention in Polish youth
2010 Beyond Preadoptive Risk: The Impact of Adoptive Family Environment on Adopted Youth´s Psychosocial Adjustment
2010 Bio-psychosocial determinants of cardiovascular disease in a rural population on Crete, Greece: formulating a hypothesis and designing the SPILI-III study
2010 Sense of coherence and intentions to retire early among Finnish women and men.
2010 Predictors of sick leave owing to neck or low back pain: a 12-year longitudinal cohort study in a rural male population
2010 The effect of stress-related factors on mental health status among resident doctors in Japan
2010 Burnout in health-care professionals during reorganizations and downsizing. A cohort study in nurses
2010 Relationship between work-family conflict and a sense of coherence among Japanese registered nurses
2010 Psychological correlates of adherence to self-care, disease activity and functioning in persons with systemic lupus erythematosus.
2009 ”It depends on us”: Employee healthy working conditions during continual reorganisations in a radiology department.  
2009 Psychosocial job characteristics, social support and sense of coherence as determinants of mental health among nurses
2009 Sense of Coherence (SOC) may reduce the effects of occupational stress on mental health status among Japanese factory workers.