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University West, Department of Nursing, Health and Culture has in 2011 established the Center on Salutogenesis. We are today responsible for the a the website We are running a systematic and analytical research synthesis on salutogenic research 1992-up to date. The website is a continuation of a former one located in Helsinki, Finland. The new website is now in Swedish and in English.

We continuously update the sites including the database (only in English). However, to build up and keep it  updated is time consuming. Therefore we invite authors of scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals to join us in this task. Please fill in a review protocol (in English) of your study in line with the presented model. Please send your review protocol to the Responsible Editor of the website, Monica Eriksson. We will thereafter put the information into the Database. This is a possibility for Authors to spread their findings to all of us interested in the field of salutogenesis. Thank you for your cooperation!


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2009 Identifying factors associated with good health and ill health : not just opposite sides of the same coin.  
2009 Predictors of work presence – sickness absence in a salutogenic perspective  
2009 Early childhood psychological problems predict a poor sense of coherence in adolescents: a 15-year follow-up study
2009 A long-term follow-up study of adolescents with conduct disorder: Can outcome be predicted from self-concept and intelligence?
2009 Meanings of staying healthy in a context where others developed burnout - phenomenological-hermeneutic interpretation of healthcare personnel's narratives
2009 Salutogenesis as a framework for improving health resources of adolescent boys
2009 The association of sense of coherence and coping profile with stress among research park city workers in Japan
2008 Alexithymia sense of coherence and occupational burnout in a working population
2008 Incidence and recurrent work-related violence towards healthcare workers and subsequent health effects
2008 A model of work wellness for non-professional counsellors in South Africa
2008 Sense of coherence and diabetes: A prospective occupational cohort study
2008 The sense of coherence and risk of injuries: role of alcohol consumption and occupation
2008 Work stressors, health and sense of coherence in UK academic employees.
2008 Sense of coherence as a protective mechanism among targets of workplace bullying
2007 Sense of coherence as a predictor of work reentry following multidisciplinary rehabilitation for individuals with chronic musculoskeletal pain
2007 Relationships between occupational factors and health and well-being in individuals with persistent mental illness living in the community
2007 Change and stability of sense of coherence in adulthood: Longitudinal evidence from the Healthy Child study
2006 Work-related well-being of emergency workers in Gauteng
2006 Work and health in Gnosjö: A longitudinal study.
2006 Experiences within the process of sick leave
2005 Structrural invariance and stability of sense of coherence: A longitudinal analysis of two groups with different employment experiences
2005 Significant resources needed for return to work after sick leave
2005 The role of temperament in the development of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder amongst journalists
2005 A systematic review of longitudinal studies of nonfatal workplace violence
2005 Sense of coherence in an extremely hazardous occupation.
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