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University West, Department of Nursing, Health and Culture has in 2011 established the Center on Salutogenesis. We are today responsible for the a the website We are running a systematic and analytical research synthesis on salutogenic research 1992-up to date. The website is a continuation of a former one located in Helsinki, Finland. The new website is now in Swedish and in English.

We continuously update the sites including the database (only in English). However, to build up and keep it  updated is time consuming. Therefore we invite authors of scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals to join us in this task. Please fill in a review protocol (in English) of your study in line with the presented model. Please send your review protocol to the Responsible Editor of the website, Monica Eriksson. We will thereafter put the information into the Database. This is a possibility for Authors to spread their findings to all of us interested in the field of salutogenesis. Thank you for your cooperation!


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”It depends on us”: Employee healthy working conditions during continual reorganisations in a radiology department.

Employees of radiology department in Swedish hospital
Aged 41 - 61
Mean age 47
Open-ended interviews

Content analysis
To identify, from an employee perspective, dimensions of working conditions as positive determinants contributing to occupational health in a department of radiology undergoing continual reorganisations
SOC Scale
SOC used as theoretical framework, SOC-(version not specified)
Statistical data
N=12, strategically selected corresponding to the staff structure of the department
Main result
The employees experienced their new stimulating working tasks and a supportive organizational climate as important contributors to the healthy work condition.
The positive effects of handling new technical challenges and the positive organizational climate, which were characterized by mutual trust, as well as work-confidence and respect for each others’ competence, seem to function as buffering factors, balancing the negative effects of parallel downsizing and restructuring process.
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