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University West, Department of Nursing, Health and Culture has in 2011 established the Center on Salutogenesis. We are today responsible for the a the website We are running a systematic and analytical research synthesis on salutogenic research 1992-up to date. The website is a continuation of a former one located in Helsinki, Finland. The new website is now in Swedish and in English.

We continuously update the sites including the database (only in English). However, to build up and keep it  updated is time consuming. Therefore we invite authors of scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals to join us in this task. Please fill in a review protocol (in English) of your study in line with the presented model. Please send your review protocol to the Responsible Editor of the website, Monica Eriksson. We will thereafter put the information into the Database. This is a possibility for Authors to spread their findings to all of us interested in the field of salutogenesis. Thank you for your cooperation!


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Coping and depression in old age: A literature review.

Persons aged 60 or older
Systematic review

The interest in the relation between coping and depression in older persons is growing, but research on the concepts and instruments of coping in relation to depression among older persons is scarce and systematic reviews are lacking. With this background, we wanted to gain a systematic overview of the field by performing a systematic literature search.
SOC Scale
SOC-13, SOC-29
Statistical data
(n, mean total SOC, mean the three dimensions, SOC division, correlates to other standardized measures, response rate)
Main result
All nine studies including the coping concept of SOC were of higher methodological quality. Finding of a strong association between a higher SOC and lower levels of depressive symptoms among people of 60 years and above.
Limitations: This review found a huge variation in applied concepts of coping in the 75 studies, making it difficult to compare the results.
Bjørkløf, Engedal, Selbæk, Kouwenhoven & Helvik (2013). Coping and depression in old age: A literature review.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord, 35, 121-154.
Inserted: 26.06.2013 12:21:23
Updated: 04.09.2013 16:23:50